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The Crockett Coonhound is devoted to those who seek to explore the tranquil way of life. Together we build ourselves from the ground up to embrace the feeling of country living and the spirit of the outdoors.

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People that are new to our website and our faithful followers, seem to always be curious about the same things. These FAQ's should help everyone understand more about what we do here at our site and why.....

  • Why did we name our site the Crockett Coonhound? The Crockett part of our name comes from Davy Crockett the outdoors man and political figure. The Crockett Coonhound also, is located in Lawrenceburg Tennessee where Davy Crockett Started his political career. Not to mention, Davy Crockett was an outdoors man that loved hunting types of dogs. The Coonhound part of our name comes from the Cooner and Scooters history with hunting dogs. 
  • Why does the Crockett Coonhound logo feature a Racoon at night on it? We are teaching people to not be afraid of the dark, so to speak! Racoon hunting is done at night in the woods with a coonhound. But, keep in mind that many of our followers and their families want to experience the outdoors or certain parts of the outdoors but, have no experience, their in the dark about the outdoor activities. We at the Crockett Coonhound want to help people experience the out doors by using our experiences.
  • Why does it seem at the Crockett Coonhound you guys talk about certain outdoor topics more than other outdoors topics? We at the Crockett Coonhound discuss outdoor topics we are most experienced in but, that does not mean at the Crockett Coonhound we are against experiencing new things related to the outdoors. The Crockett Coonhound tries new products and ideas to inform our followers about the newest and greatest  products in outdoor activities. 
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