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The Crockett Coonhound is devoted to those who seek to explore the tranquil way of life. Together we build ourselves from the ground up to embrace the feeling of country living and the spirit of the outdoors.

We take our legal questions very seriously and don't believe in hiding behind obscurity. Anytime a group gives advice about how parents can better train their kids by spending time with them and taking them outdoors, they better be a good group. We have strived to do what is best in our opinions and beliefs and we're not shy about it. The Crockett Coonhound team practices what we say and show our adventures on our videos and show but please understand that situations may vary and our experience may not be universal to all parents. Allow for the environment and temperament of each kid and use your best judgement when putting what we do on video into action.  

Our privacy policy is where we outline the specifics about the data we collect and what we do with this data, and how we protect this data. We do use cookies, and lead generation forms where we collect email. We also outline what happens to this information if you get on our email list. In short we do not sell or use any thing given to us by our audience. 

The Terms and Conditions page is where you'll find the client interaction and definitions we use to discuss the agreement to be bound by our contracts of agreement. The user rights of conduct are also written here for anyone to see if they want to know their rights as a subscriber and those who buy courses.

Our Disclaimer Page is where we list our conflicts of interest and explains our ownership and copywrite policy. Our social media pages and the accuracy of type and speech are also discussed here.  

The ADA Accessibility page is where w lay out our plans and procedures we've made to make our site accessible to those with disabilities and to anyone who may need help consuming content on the crockett coonhound website. 

If any user or advertising client has bought anything from the crockett coonhound and wants to see our legal information as it pertains to purchasing then see our Terms of Sale page! We offer many free solutions on our content pieces but we really want to treat our customers right and the terms of sale page outlines these higher level conditions in writing. 

If these legal pages don't answer your questions then feel free to look through our frequently asked questions page for more information or contact us if you need  to ask us directly.

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