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Olympic Village in Atlanta Georgia.
Posted in  Outdoor Entertainment   on  August 5, 2021 by  Josh Brown0

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After getting my Masters of Business Science I decided to share my experience online about country living and teaching my son about the things I did when I was his age. Join me as we take this dirt road together!

Have you taken a look around lately and seen all the different flags being flown? Maybe, you have decided its time to install a flag pole in your yard, and your not quiet sure how or what to do when flying the old stars and stripes! Well if your like me and have a curious mind when it comes to subjects like flying your flag correctly, then this post is for you.  I've flown into the subject of flag poles, and found information, to help you get your flag flying high...

American Flag

Where To Place The Future Flag Pole In Your Yard

One thing is for sure no matter the flag you fly, you want it to be displayed in all its glory. Using a (HOA)  general rule of thumb, most flag poles need to be located in the front of the home so onlookers from the street can see the flag being displayed.  When your not under any (HOA) guideline of placement. A great rule of thumb is to look for obstacles that could block the view of you flag such as trees, utility buildings, unattached garages, and neighboring homes.

Now that you have decided you have room and a great location for a flag pole. Lets get down to brass tacks on flag pole lengths, cost, and things to consider when buying a flag pole. It could just save you money in the long run, and add that specials element to your yard to last a life time.  

Flag Pole

High In The Sky Flag Pole

How High To Fly That Flag

As a general rule most flag poles that you can purchase at your home improvement centers will measure between 10 feet to 30 feet in length when installed. Flag poles that are taller than twenty feet, usually need to be installed by a professional that has special equipment for standing up larger diameter flag pole pipe, due to the increased length and weight. A must to remember is that homeowners without level yards can place a flag pole on a elevated area of the yard and give the illusion of height to the flag pole if wanted. But, a general rule of thumb is that most flag poles in a residential neighborhoods, never exceed the highest roof line of the home . Below, are some points to consider when standing up your new flag pole...

Points On Standing Up Your New Flag Pole

  • Are there any rules in your neighborhood governing flag poles (HOA)?
  • How tall of a flag pole do you need?
  •  Do you have yard space for a flag pole?
  • Flag poles measuring 20 feet and above require at minimum a 2 feet deep hole for placement.
  • You will need tools for  flag pole assembly, and equipment for digging. 
  • Normal flag poles range in price for $39.98 to $927.95 depending on type, brand, and ability!

How Many Flags To Fly

One special rule to remember is the point of the flag pole is not the pole, but the flag you fly!! For most home owners that fly only one flag, a standard  20 to 25 foot aluminum pole will fly a 3'X 5' flag without worries.  If you decide for example that you want to fly more than one flag at a time, say the American Flag, and a State Flag at the same time. This will require a flag pole that has four sets of flag hooks. With the increased drag that two flags can place on the flag pole in a high wind situation.  A wise investment might be to look at telescoping poles, and steel flag poles to handle the increased drag, two flags can produce. Here is a quick link to give you a good example of price on a flag pole at your local home improvement store Lowe's flag pole.

Flag Pole Décor

Other things to think about when installing a flag pole is landscaping around the pole. Some homeowners choose to place shrubs, flowers, and plaques around the base of their new flag poles. Great flower and shrub options are.....



  • Petunias
  • Alyssum
  • Dianthus
  • State Flowers of Your State


Shrubs At School Sale


  • Rhododendrons
  • Azaleas
  • Roses

Flying Your Flag Day OR Night

L.E.D. Flag Pole

Flag Pole Light (L.E.D.)

In a traditional setting the American Flag should be raised at sunrise and lowered at sunset. With the faithful brass ball that usually is atop most standard flag poles. But, some homeowners choose a more patriotic look for their homes. If you have decided to fly your flag 24 hours a day. The original method is at sunset to have the flag illuminated from the ground facing upward to the sky. But, with the advancements in led lighting it is now possible to add lighting between the traditional brass ball and  the top of the flag pole. After market L.E.D. solar lights are now available to cast light down on the flag at night. This is perfect for you homeowners that want to add a new look to an old flag pole. Cheap solar L.E.D. lights range in price from $19.99 to $99.99 depending on the brand and what lumens of solar led you purchase. 

Other options for lighting are the traditional ground lights that are a direct install to a home breaker box. Such options are outdoor/inground strong lights,  outdoor/ above ground limited range lights. But, factors to keep in mind when installing any light to the electrical grid is restrictions from your (HOA). Also budget, outdoor lights will increase your power bill on average $22 dollars a year.  Plus, licensed electrician and trench placement for wires to power the lights, Do NOT Come Cheap!!! 

Finishing Up That Flag Pole, Did I Hear Thunder

Marine Corp. Flag

United States Marine Corps War Memorial (Iwo Jima Memorial) A Great Monument With ]United States Flag

So, by now you have a good idea of what type of flag pole will fit your needs. You know what the rules of your (HOA) are. But, lets face it one thing that is never for sure is the weather. No matter if you have decided on a short 12 foot flag pole or tall 25 foot flag pole with the option to fly one flag  that measure 4'X6' or two flags measuring 3'X5' a piece. Day or night with the flags lit by solar led or wired lighting, with your state flower sounding you new flag pole. No one really wants to see their favorite flag out in the bad weather. This is a common home owns problem. You fly your favorite flag,  run a few errands, and while your gone bad weather strikes!! In traditional settings someone should take the flag down in bad weather, but with the advancements of flag fabric technology we now have all weather flags, but that's a topic for a different post. The main thing to remember is that wet fabric is much heavier than dry fabric. With the tradition cloth flags and a drenching from a good rain. It can cause cheaper flag poles to bend!!! So spend your money wisely to fit your needs!!!

Flags Big Red Store

Flags Hung In Horizontal Fashion At The Big Red Store

Other Hangers And Stands To Display Your Flags, Support Flags, And Banners

Now not everyone wants to have a big full sized 20' foot flag pole in their yard. Some people choose to display their smaller flags from their front porch. While yet other people want to display different types and styles of flags with family crests and support flags from different styled hangers in flower beds, gardens, and in their yards. When talking about flag poles that hang from your porch one thing that you will find is that the pole is many times made from pine wood. The standard size of wooden flag pole hung from the porch of many homes is usually 56" in length at roughly a 45 degree angle and will fit a standard 28" by 40" flag, which gives a great appearance to the front of any home. Another option is the horizontal flag pole hanger, which mounts directly to a structure such as the columns of the front patio to display your flag at a 90 degree angle to the column on which it is mounted. With most wooden 90 degree flag pole hangers they usually fit a 30' inch flag with a 1' inch sown loop that runs the entire length of the flag (such as family crest flags).  

Then lastly you have the heavy wire flag pole hangers that are found in many yards, gardens, and flower beds. This is personally one of my favorite ways to display flags and banners. Most garden flag pole (stands) are made from Wrought iron to ensure a good step on the stand will push it into the ground. The flag pole stands have a standard height of 36" inches and a standard width of 16" inches and often times come with decorative designs like Twisted Wrought iron or loops made in the stand to hang led lights from. The Wrought iron flag pole stands are great options for people that don't want to display a County or State Flag, but rather banners and support flags. Below is a quick to read numbered list of other options to hang flags or banners for people that are checking out this post while shopping and are pressed for time, and have decided to display a flag without a 20' foot flag pole in the front yard...  

A Quick List For People That Are Shopping And Pressed For Time, On Ways To Display Flags And Banners

  1. Flag poles that are hung from an angle from the front porch are o.k. for displaying County (Nations)Flags, State Flags, Support Flags, and Banners.(Keep in mind County (Nations) and State Flags need to be taken down each night and in bad weather conditions)
  2. Horizontal flag pole mounts are usually used for Support Flags, Family Crest, and Banners outside a home. (About the only time a Country (Nations) or State Flag is hung in this 90 degree manner is inside a building such as Court House, Gym, or in a Military Complex)
  3. Garden Flag Stands are usually only used for Banners and Support Flags.( A Country (Nations) Flag or State Flag should never be flown in this way)
Flag In Tree

The Flag Pole Outlasted The Flag

What Happens When The Flag Pole Out Last Your Flag

So what happens when you have purchased or constructed a flag pole and the flag pole outlast the flag? As many people know due to UV rays, damp  and windy weather conditions, and daily use flags of all kinds will become worn-out. So what are some of the correct ways to dispose of your old American flags, for example and find a new flag to fly on that sturdy flag pole you have? In a quick conversation with a friend that is a retired U.S. Marine when I ask this question in general research for this flag pole post. He gave me some correct ways to retire a flag correctly. Here is what he said...

"Flags are burned in certain conditions BUT, burning a flag in a ceremonial fashion is the ONLY WAY to do it!!! NEVER burn a flag in something like a fire pit or fire place. Also, you have the option to take a flag to a local V.F.W or Boy Scouts of America post and they can dispose of your old flags correctly. "

With all of the different types of materials such as heavy grade Aluminum or Galvanized metals that the flag poles of today are made of. The newer style flag poles of today last longer than they ever have before. Hopefully the flag pole you are interested in purchasing or building will stand the test of time, and keep your home, office, or work place flag looking great while its flying. 

96' Olympic Park

!996 Olympic Park In Atlanta Georgia And It's Flags

I hope that this post on flags and flag poles has helped inform everyone a little bit more on flags and how to fly them. Thank you all for taking time to read this post please feel free to leave a review at the bottom, we love to hear from our readers. Make sure to take a look around the rest of the Crockett Coonhound website, we have lots to see. If you would like to stay on top of everything going on here at the Crockett Coonhound take a second and sign up for the new letter. Lastly if you are checking out the old inner webs, make sure to look for the Crockett Coonhound and me The Crockett Cooner on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Thank you all again for reading, have a great day and an even better tomorrow...

Frequently Asked Questions

🔨  Can you build your own flag pole?

Yes, It is possible to build your own flag pole to fit your needs. It is a good rule of thumb to buy your flag FIRST and build the pole to match the size of your flag.

🖥️ Can you fly office desk flags inside your home or office?

Yes, most office or deck novelty flags come with their own stand which correctly fly's them. (Note: Make sure the novelty are in the correct order when flying more than one. Example the American Flag should always be in the middle of a State Flag, and County Flag)

🏠 Are some patio flag mounts able to fly a flag at 40 degree and 90 degree angle?

Yes, some patio column flag mounts do have a bolt and wing nut system that allows your wooden column flag mount to be adjusted to different angles.

🇺🇸🇬🇧🇨🇦Is there a correct way to fly more than one flag  pole at a time?

Yes, The height of the flag poles, size of the flags being flown, the locations of the flag poles all play a factor in the correct way to fly a flag especially a Nations flag or a group of nations flags. For more information on this, here is a great link to check out.  Displaying the Flag with other Flags- United States

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