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The Crockett Coonhound is devoted to those who seek to explore the tranquil way of life. Together we build ourselves from the ground up to embrace the feeling of country living and the spirit of the outdoors.

josh brown at lawrence county fair 2019

We are all about country life and country living. Teaching kids about rural lifestyles are key points to all of our videos and blog post. We live in Lawrence county Tennessee where David Crockett began as a poor farmer and became the man we know him to be. There are a lot of stories about David Crockett that can be heard today. Please continue to check out our website and YouTube channel to see our content and go on to our social media sites to pick up the trail on the conversation!  

Here is how we bring our content to you!

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Our YouTube Channel

Why read the book when you can watch the movie? We have many videos where we show what we know and how it can help you. The button below takes you to our YouTube channel where you can "subscribe" and ring the notification bell so every time we release a video, you get notified!

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Our Live Show

Tune into the Live Show where we talk about all kinds of things from coon dogs to conspiracy theories in a funny and entertaining way. We have guest on the show that are known in their area of expertise so you can learn a lot from the show so make sure to catch our live show by clicking the button below!  

josh and dave outside beside tree

The Coon Skin Dog

We all like tips and tricks and the Blog page called "the coon skin dog" has a lot of helpful hints and product reviews from things we use and sometimes use up! We share our personal experiences with each product and opinions on their use. Make sure to sign up for our latest blog post! 

Who are these guys?

josh beside the coon hunters lodge in leoma Tennessee.

Josh Brown

The Crockett Cooner

Josh is the star of the show and has a Masters Degree in Business Science but that doesn't stop him from running out into the woods at night after a raccoon!

scooter j. trehugger in cadet hat

Mike Pilkinton

Scooter J. Trehugger

Mike is the comical friend of Josh who doesn't quite get some of the ways Josh and his resourceful nature can achieve a country life.

buck dancers on their boards

Come on, Let's Dance!

  • We still like old stories about history!
    Josh and Mike live in the birthplace of southern gospel music that is home to where David Crockett started his political career!
  • You can have a lot of fun outdoors!
    There are still people who haven't done anything much outdoors. We want to introduce them to the outdoors way of doing things!
  • Family life is still important to us!
    We call travel "making memories" and believe people should take their friends and family along for the journey! 
The Cooner Camp Fire

The Cooner's Campfires And Conversation!

Join the Cooner for fireside chats on Youtube, where he talks about "tails" of long ago!


See our product reviews!

We put our noses down and sniff out the best products for the avid outdoors person! We have a defined list of criteria that we use to qualify a product for the field or home! Plus! we cover a kids ability to use or not use a product to make sure they stay safe and you get what you want!


Before anything can get our stamp of approval it must be a quality piece! We're tired of cheap things that break or don't last long! We want to see the days when quality products are available again!


Nobody wants to wait all day for something that needs to be done quick. Speed is important to getting task done effectively. We take speed and power into consideration in our reviews. 


Money is a determining factor in any buying decision. Some products are unnecessarily expensive. We use cost criteria to establish the value of a product so you don't pay more than you have to!

mike and josh in front of a monster truck

Here is our Story

Josh and Mike have been friends since they were in 7th grade. Josh lived in the city of Lawrenceburg back then while Mike lived 13 miles out of town in the country. Each of them had friends who hunted and fished and together they did things outdoors. After the years went by Josh and Mike switched places where Josh now lives out of town and stays in the woods and Mike lives basically in town and seldom wants to go anywhere outdoors. This dichotomy comes up in the videos and live show where they can be very funny and entertaining. Nearing their 40's their wives had children, Josh at 36 and Mike at 38 and Mike thought having a show for older dads was very interesting since they didn't have much in common with younger dads so they started the Older Dad Show.

mike with alana in step down unit
Three people in nicu holding up baby.

     Mike started building the older dad show along with other websites like the preemie paradox and noticed all of the websites had travel and kids as topics so Josh and Mike started looking at doing an outdoor focused website that takes the relationship of the lessons learned from David Crockett to today's modern culture. David Crockett came to Lawrence county with very little and became a congressman known as "the king of the wild frontier" who opposed president Andrew Jackson over the Indian removal act. We believe there are parallel stories here to how we should raise children to be great citizens that get involved and also be outdoors more.  

The Cooner's Prize Hounds 

josh getting mbs degree from trevecca university

Josh is a coon hunter and has many awards and prize winning dogs. His training style requires patience and perseverance along with an eye for observation so he can make the right call to know what to do next. Let Josh shine his light of illumination to light up the dark woods of teaching people how to be an outdoor persons and show there's nothing to be afraid of.  

Find Josh and Mike doing more epic country things on YouTube! 

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