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Posted in  David Crockett, Political History   on  July 20, 2021 by  Josh Brown0

About the author

After getting my Masters of Business Science I decided to share my experience online about country living and teaching my son about the things I did when I was his age. Join me as we take this dirt road together!

David Crockett State Park Sign In Lawrenceburg Tennessee

Are People Still Rough And Rugged

When you think of David Crockett or "Davy Crockett" what do you really think of? Do you envision a wild mountain man, wearing a coonskin cap or a checker board country store political figure? You know the type, the community good fellow elected by the people that shows prospective and will carry the voices and wants of the common folks to be represented in political matters. No matter the picture you have envisioned of David Crockett, I'm sure his sense of pioneer moxie always comes to mind. But, is that sense of wild frontiers man and political figure still alive in the people of this day and time or is the feel of political justness still in the minds of the modern Davy Crockett's! Here at the Crockett Coonhound we believe that Davy Crockett's persona lives on in the people of today. So, if you want to find out how the people of todays time measure up to our past forefathers, this blog is for you! Sit right back for a good read on Davy Crockett that is sure to, let you know your right - so you can go ahead...

The Cooner at Crockett Days

The Cooner And Living History Reenactor Damon Farris At David Crockett Days At Crockett Park

Out With The Old And In With The New Or Is That The Case 

As a native of Lawrence County Tennessee where David Crockett heightened his political career. Its not uncommon to over hear some coffee table debates that become quiet heated about political history in comparison to todays current political scene. As the Covid Pandemic  has change society and with so much political unrest. The common people have began to explore their homestead pioneer roots and question topics of governmental practices and how the normal person views homesteading and daily life . But, in this day and time the wild frontiers man David Crockett, that we all have come to love in films has  given way to a new type of frontiers man. Our forefathers concaved their ideas on daily living and political matters without the advancements of technology and scientific knowledge that we all possess in these modern times of cell phones, personal computers, and live events playing out on our T.V.'s before our very eyes. I've taken a look around at current events, and it begs the question to be ask. Are peoples ideas and methods from yesteryear still as important as they once where? I believe Yes, the ideas and practices of our forefathers are still quiet important today and here's how.

The modern Davy Crockett's of the 2000's have taken the modern conveniences such as cell phones, G.P.S, and modern hunting and camping equipment and encompassed it with older practices of daily life from the 1800's. Putting those practices into use in ways of personal livelihood and daily life. For example in home canning practices where people stock pile foods, growing a personal garden for food, and out door survival have found quiet a foothold here in the 2000's. If you take a look around at some of the major internet hosting sites it's easy to see countless numbers of videos where people explain hunting methods and techniques. Magnitudes of  videos on surviving in all different types of conditions. Video clips that are aimed at the person or family that has chosen to NOT just be weekend warriors and plan a camping trip but, rather have decided to move to a snow covered mountain and enjoy life by living off the land, like our forefathers did. A few great examples I can show on this are in the list below, on Practices From The Past...    

Practices From The Past That Have Become Popular Again

  • Canning practices /Food Storage is on a record high since the 1970's 
  •  A major spike in the home gardening supplies and organic consumables
  •  Firearm sales have spiked in 2021 
  • Recent Youth Poll at Harvard University shows more politically engagement in younger people

Our Inner David Crockett

With the recent poll from Harvard University showing the desire of younger people to get involved more in political matters. It conveys the want for change in the society of todays  younger generation. David Crockett, started the influential parts of his political career at the age of  35  when he became a member of the Tennessee State House of Representatives. Crockett chose this path of political life, after being in the war of 1812 as a much younger man, soldier, and scout. David Crockett, being the only member of the Tennessee delegation to vote against the Indian Removal Act OF 1830. Showed the people of Tennessee that they had in fact, elected a man of principals, that never forgot his up bringing in the Great Smokey Mountains of Tennessee. Where in the 1800s of Crockett's time, it was not uncommon to see many native American people, that still lived in traditional ways!! With David Crockett's "Tall Tales" it was easy to see that he never forgot his early life and upbringings in Tennessee where word of mouth is still an important quality to possess. For you  history buffs that follow David Crockett, did you know David Crockett's' experiences in the war of 1812 change his viewpoints on the Native Americans and their treatment in society?  

 So, in Davy Crockett's time of hunting for your food or growing a garden to store food to feed the family through long winter months. Those actions of pioneering created a system of bartering, to enable trade with your fellow man and build relationships through communication and activities. Davy Crockett learned his "gift of gab" through all of his dealings with his neighbors in barter and his exposure to different cultures of people from different areas of the United States, he met during his service in the war of 1812.  

 I know you are now asking the question, Hey Cooner what has all this got to do with todays day and time? We live in a time of the internet and people choose to voice their opinions and votes  from home. Unlike in Davy Crockett's time where they sat around the local gathering spot and talk about the problems of the day. Well, I'm glad you came to same question as the old Cooner here did, by the way this is what prompted me to write this particular blog post. Below in the pic is a great example of what I'm trying to convey to the readers of this post. If you notice our camera set up, it's fairly new and state of the art. But, with a much closer look at the below pic notice how everything and everyone in the picture is more interested in the "old" portrayals of life going on. The people in the background of the picture could care less about our new cameras!!! Starting a fire by hand and then cooking over that fire, was the topic of interest for everyone at Crockett days here at David Crockett State Park...

Cooner At Crockett State Park

Our New Equipment Filming Old Equipment

Has The Checker Board Been Replaced With A Cell Phone

So now,  I have to ask all my readers of this blog post. Is 2022 the past come back to haunt us? In light of recent events here in the United States. How many of us have become a modern day David Crockett? Suddenly we find ourselves growing gardens, canning foods, seeing more of a need for concern to voice our ideas on political happenings, and possibly to dust off grandpa's  old shot gun, if need be!  All while checking social media on a personal device to keep yourself and your friends up to date on all the political matters, how your garden is doing, and to educate oneself on topics of survival!!   

Let's Face Facts How many people reading this post have heard a story or seen first hand an internet, T.V. program, or personally knew someone or a family. That traded in their urban lifestyle to seek out a lifestyle on a farm or to live in a rural setting. How many of those that choose this rural lifestyle now are plowing a field, hunting for food, setting up ways to stock pile large amounts of supplies but, doing all these rural activities while teaching the "city slickers" the do's and don'ts on traditional ways. I have to say the checker board at the town store, has been replaced with your cell phones but, the want to help your fellow man like David Crockett did in his time, is still alive...  

Food For Thought For my readers that enjoy following this blog. Why do you think people feel the need here in the 2000's,  to learn how to survive like our past forefathers did? Could it be that we have tapped into a primitive type of mindset? Maybe, people just want a change in lifestyle? What ever the case might be, there are many different place you can turn for information on how the modern business man can, trade in his suite and tie for a coonskin cap. Below is a list to help anyone that is wanting to take a step back and explore their pioneer roots but, don't know how to begin their modern day Davy Crockett journey.. 

The Five Things To Remember When Becoming A Modern Day David Crockett

  1.  Research- Reading, Video, and Hands On/ Here at the Crockett Coon Hound I go into detail in writing on many subjects related to outdoor pioneer activities. But, I have to say look for other examples in videos. Find people on the internet that discuss in-depth in video your topic of pioneer needs and follow them. Also, events such as David Crockett Days here at David Crockett State Park. The expos in your area at similar events can offer hands-on learning, skills such as flint knapping, fire starting, and traditional ways of living.
  2.   Start Small/ Once you have decided to explore you pioneer, Davy Crockett ways Don't go overboard! For example, if you want to cook on an open fire with say cast-iron cookware. Try cooking something small in the back yard such as bacon, so you will learn the do's and don'ts with out spending to much money!
  3. B- Plan/ Never for get to have a fall back when you are first exploring your pioneer roots. For example starting a fire by hand. Make sure to take matches and or a lighter on the first camping trip, just in case something goes wrong! (I believe our forefathers would have always had a back up B- plan!!!)
  4. Someone With Experience/ If you have decided to go full force and live off the land in any way, the way our forefathers did, be that camping, hunting, cooking the list goes on!!! I suggest befriend a person who has experience in the pioneer ways, to guide you, before you go on your own. 
  5. Word Of Mouth/ When you have decided it's time to do any pioneer task on your own. Make sure to keep a close friend, relative, or someone you can trust informed on what you are doing. (In case something goes wrong with you in anyway, people will know where to begin if you need help!) 

I hope the information in the above list will help all of my readers that have decide to learn the skills of our past ancestors. I know that for some of you, that have already got experience in the pioneer ways the list seems very basic and rhetorical. I have to admit even for the old Cooner here. The information on the list seems simple after my many blog post on gardening, canning foods, hunting, fishing, just about anything outdoor related. But, I remember the words of Davy Crockett when he traveled west. Because as we all know it only take one small mistake for something major to go wrong!!!

"Be sure your right-then go ahead"  A famous quote by: David Crockett
Friends Of David Crockett

The Friends Of Davy Crockett At David Crockett Days At Crockett State Park

I hope this blog post was very informative in helping people understand how to get started becoming a modern day Davy Crockett and showing a relationship between David Crockett's day and time to our time in history. Thank you all for taking time to read this post, if you want to stay informed on everything going on here at the Crockett Coonhound make sure to sign up for our newsletter. Also, please feel free to leave us a review we love to hear from our readers. Make sure if you got a second, to take a look around the entire Crockett Coonhound website, we have lots to see. Lastly, if your ever scanning the old inner webs make sure to look for me The Crockett Cooner and the Crockett Coonhound website on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Thank you all again for reading I hope you have a great day and an even better tomorrow. 

Frequently Asked Questions

🤔 Can you find places and people that offer classes to explain how to pioneer and live off the land?

 Yes, there are many classes and local workshops offered at colleges and at special events such as (David Crockett Days.) That offer different classes on subjects such as fire starting, flint knapping, shelter building for camping and survival, and tomahawk throwing for anyone interested in those subjects.

🍳 Are people refurbishing antiques and old ideas to put back into daily use?

Yes, at certain events you will find that many classes and online resources are available to show individuals how to refurbish cast iron cook wear for open fire cooking. Classes that will teach old methods of  farming and gardening to reproduce methods from years ago. Also  classes on survival in different types of climate and train.  

🇺🇸 Is history important in becoming a modern day Davy Crockett?

Yes, many times there are written historical accounts on many of the pioneering ways and practices.  That will help you gain information to help you in any task about pioneering you might want to learn.

🕰️ What are a few similarities on how the past as in Davy Crockett's time is the same as today? 

1. The Trail of Tears and the War of 1812 is kind of similar to this push in America to keep people from crossing the boarder. 

2. Living off the land or off grid, is still very similar to growing up in the Smokey Mountains as David Crockett did. 

3. David Crockett was an indentured servant for his father after he had already left home. David Crockett had to return home to work off his fathers debts. In todays time the average age of the child leaving a home is 26 years of age not 18 anymore. The young people go to college but, then return home!!!

4.In Davy Crockett's time you worked with your hands. There is a push in America to bring manual labor jobs from overseas back to America. 

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